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Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the most useful ways to make computer actions faster is with keyboard shortcuts, so we have incorporated them right into your Quick Links menu.

You may have noticed that each Quick link comes with a number. This number appears to the left of each link's Label in the Quick Links list. You may have wondered why these numbers are there. If you guessed keyboard shortcuts, you were correct!

To use these keyboard shortcuts, simply:

Press the “Alt” (Win) or “Option” (Mac) key + the number associated with the Quick link you are wanting to go to.

This fuctionality works whether the Quick Links popup is open or not.

Alternatively, you can open your Quick Links popup with the Keyboard shortcut: “Alt” (Win) “Option” or (Mac) key + Q

This functionality allows you to see your list of links at which point you can use the “Alt” (Win) or “Option” (Mac) key + number to go to the link you choose.

Warning - Keyboard shortcuts may perform unexpected result across different operation systems.

For a little more help on how to use and customize your Quick Links – including some advanced features – read the related articles listed on the left side of this page.

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