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Style Guide for Mass Emails in Recruiter

Style Guide for Mass Emails in Recruiter


Email has become one of the main avenues of communication in our society and as such we should make a concerted effort to not misuse it but prudently and wisely utilize it's strengths.

This Guide will help you increase the effectiveness of this communications medium.

Some important things to consider - Because many people use smartphones and mobile devices to access their emails, we need to keep in mind that smartphone & mobile devices have smaller screens than computers and are sometimes more difficult to read large amounts of text; also, graphics/pictures and certain fonts may not appear or skew the look of the emails due to the display behavior of the email “apps".

These criteria will help ensure the integrity of your emails in multiple platforms:
K.I.S. -  Keep It Simple:
  • Be clear
  • Keep it short.
  • Vary the Subject lines to reduce the chances of the emails being caught in a SPAM filter; try not to use the same/partial Subject lines.
  • Try to put the most important parts of the email close to the top.
  • Be aware that sometimes, imbedding graphics and using unique fonts and colors may cause the email to not look correct for the recipients.  If you have a large amount of text or special graphics, you may want to have it put on a web page, then all you need to do is put a link in the email.
  • We should always have a way for recipients to unsubscribe or not receive emails from the Institution.  Place a link to Unsubscribe or Remove from mailing list in all emails.
  • Insert a link to a website URL(s) that is related to a topic in the email, e.g. if you’re mentioning Financial Aid, you should have a link to the Financial Aid website/phone number/etc - Cross-marketing or indirect marketing.


Provide more than one way of communicating with the Institution:

Provide different avenues of communication.

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Our Website and/or specific URL
  • Fax number
  • Social Media link

*We should always have multiple ways for the email recipients to contact us.


When sending attachments:
  • Size matters; Corban has a size limitation for email attachments – 10MB
    • This may cause issues for recipients who may have slow internet connections or limited data plans, e.g. smartphone users.
  • If the attachment is something that would be emailed on a regular basis, you may want to consider having it uploaded to the Internet/website and then provide a link to it in your email.
  • If you’re sending documents, they will probably fall into 2 categories:
    • Editable:  you want or don’t care if they’re edited or marked up.
      • Keep the documents in the format they were created.
    • Un-editable:  you want them to be read, not edited.
      • Save them as PDF/Adobe Acrobat documents; you can use PDF Creator or Save As PDF.


Mailing List:
  • Make sure your mailing list is as accurate as possible, inaccuracy can cause unintended recipients to flag the Institution as a junk mail source.  Be very specific when your are creating Advanced Finds for your Marketing Lists; make sure Suspects/Prospects that have indicated no-email contact are not included in the View(s).


  • Make sure the Sender email address being used is correct for the email content/intent.
  • Make sure the Sender is aware of "reply" emails they will get and have a strategy in place to deal with these emails; this extremely important when dealing with Marketing Lists/Mailing Lists that have hundreds if not thousands of recipients.  Corban University should be the main Sender address.