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Log Into Your Phone

Your phone is part of Corban's online communication system, Skype for Business, which allows you to connect with others through instant messaging (IM), traditional phone calls, video calls, and online meetings.

With Skype for Business, you will need to log into your phone. This is generally just a one-time thing and is most easily done by logging into your Skype for Business client first on your desktop computer. After you've first logged into Skype for Business, it will automatically open whenever you restart your computer.

If this is your first time using Lync, please open Outlook first. Skype for Business automatically syncs with your profile, so all you need to do is open it. To open Skype for Business, press the Windows button at the bottom left corner of your computer screen. Type "Skype for Business" and select "Skype for Business 2015."



Logging Into Your Phone

Now look to your phone. With Skype for Business open, you can log into.  If your phone's screen doesn’t look like this, go to the logout instructions below.


1.       Log into the computer.

2.       Log into Skype for Business (this will likely happen automatically if you’ve opened Skype for Business before).

3.       On the phone, press the softkey button for "Sign In."

4.       Look to your computer. In Skype for Business, you’ll see a password prompt; the sign-in address and user name will probably be different; if so, change the user name to match the sign-in address.

5.       Enter your password (same as your Corban password).

NOTE: Sign-in address and Username should be auto-filled


6.       Now look back to your phone. You may need to enter a PIN when logging in. Select your own PIN, then press the Next softkey. Enter your PIN again, and press Done


7.       After the phone logs in, press Done and you’re all set!



Logging Out of Your Phone

If you share a computer and phone with others (this is somewhat rare), there is one other part of this that is important: when you leave for the day and you log out of your computer, please log out of your phone as well.  This prepares the phone for your coworkers to log in and prevents the phone from being used after hours. 

1.       Press the Menu softkey and select Switch User

2.       Select Yes to confirm



Logging into Skype for Business with a PIN

If you do not use a Corban desktop or if your Corban desktop is a significant distance from your phone, you will log into your phone using a PIN instead of the Lync client.  This PIN does not change and is set by University Information Services. *Please note: These instructions are only necessary if you do not use a Corban desktop or if your phone is a significant distance from your phone.


Press the Skip softkey

1.     At the Desk Phone Setup window, enter your 4-digit extension at the prompt, then Press Next


2.     Enter your PIN provided by University Information Systems, and press Sign in


3.     Set an unlock PIN (you will need to enter this if you want to transfer calls, but you will be able to make and receive calls while the phone is locked without issue)


Press Confirm, then press Done.