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Create a Web Meeting

A Skype Meeting allows people to meet online using video, audio, instant messaging, and/or content sharing. Follow these steps to setup a new Meeting. 

Note: Anyone, including people outside of Corban, may join a Skype Meeting. In order to participate using audio and video, they must have a webcam and microphone. Also, the computer they use must be at least Windows 7 or an Intel-Based Mac

This article covers:

  1. How to create a Skype meeting from on campus
  2. Creating a Skype meeting from off campus via Webmail
  3. Joining a meeting

On Campus

  • Open Microsoft Outlook. From the Mail view, select "New Items." Then select Skype Meeting


  • Alternately, from the Calendar view, you can also choose "New Skype Meeting"


  • A new Lync Meeting window will appear. The process is almost identical to setting up a traditional meeting. Invite people and enter the Subject and times as your normally would. Note that the Location is predefined as a Lync Meeting. You may add information in the body of the invitation, but do not remove the "Join Lync Meeting" link. Your attendees may need this to join the meeting. Attendees will automatically receive an email with information on how to join. 


Off Campus

You may also access your email and schedule Skype meetings from off campus by using the Outlook Web App. 

  • In your browser, go to
  • In the upper right corner, click on the calendar icon.

  • The Calendar page will appear. In the upper left corner of the screen, click on "New" and choose "Calendar Event".

  • Specify event times and invite attendees as you normally would. Before saving, be sure to click "Add Skype meeting"

  • When you save the meeting, the Outlook Web App will automatically create a link to join the online meeting and attendees will automatically receive an email with information on how to join. 


Joining the meeting

  • When the time for the meeting arrives, there are several ways to join:

      1. In Skype for Business, click on the Meetings icon:  Then double click on the meeting.

      2. From the Calendar View in Outlook or the Outlook Web App, open the meeting. Then click "join Skype Meeting"

      3. If you have set a reminder, click Join Online when the reminder pops up. 


For more details, including joining from outside Corban, see Joining a Web Meeting.