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CIS Support Center

Library Collaboration Rooms

The Library has rooms that allow you to work together with others using one large screen. These rooms let you:

  • Use AirPlay to broadcast your Mac or iOS device,
  • Use WPS to simultaneously show multiple Mac and/or Windows computers,
  • use a Windows 8 environment with a full screen touchscreen.

To use any one of these, turn on the screen and press the Input or Source button to cycle through the different options. Some rooms may not have all of the options listed.


This option allows you to display screens from Apple devices, including MacBooks and iOS devices.

  • Turn on Mirroring to show your display on the room's screen.

*Note: Windows PC's may also stream content from iTunes, though this does not include mirroring. Third party applications also exist.


Wireless Presentation System

The Wireless Presentation System (WPS) option enables up to four computers to share their screens simultaneously. Computers may be any combination of Windows and/or MacBooks. Tablets and smartphones are not supported.

Installing the WPS client

To use the WPS, you must use a client to connect to the room screen. If you have already downloaded the client, skip to the "Using the Client" section.

  • Login to the wireless network
  • On the room screen, note the IP address at the bottom left corner. Enter those numbers into the address bar of the web browser on your computer.


  • On your computer, you will be taken to a screen that looks like the one below. Click "Download"


  • Depending on the type of computer you have, click to download the client.


  • Download the file to a location on your computer where you will be able to easily find it. Double-click on file to open it.
    • On Windows computers, click Run to run the installation program (the client may automatically start once installation is complete)
    • On Mac computers, drag the application icon to the Applications folder.

Using the Client

  • Double click the WPS icon.
  • You may be asked to connect to an Access Point. Choose CIS-Wireless.
  • Depending on your computer, you may also see a screen asking to change the resolution. This will help the screen appear better on the room screen. Click "OK." The resolution on your computer's screen may change. It will change back when you disconnect from the WPS system.


  • The system will ask which screen you want to connect to. Choose the one that matches the IP address for the room you are in.


  • Note the Login Code from the room screen. Enter that code on your computer.


  • Once you have connected, the WPS interface will appear. Click the Play button to mirror the room screen to your computer. If multiple computers are mirroring, click one of the numbers (1 to 4) to show your screen in that corresponding corner.

  • When finished, click the Stop button to stop mirroring.



Use your Corban login to log in. This option uses Windows 8 with the entre screen as a touchscreen. Microsoft Office programs are available. An onscreen keyboard will appear for text, but you may also check out a wireless keyboard and mouse from the main Library Circulation Desk.