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Fixing Outlook

Sometimes, when the planets align properly, when an update doesn't go through like it should, or maybe when gremlins start running around in your computer box, Outlook might not open when you want it to. Instead of opening, it might ask you to log in, but then just keep asking and asking.

Oh no! What to do?

Well, here's how to get Outlook all good and working again:


  1. First, click on the Windows button at the bottom left corner, then click on "Control Panel"

  2. Click on "Mail (32 bit)

  3. Click on "Email Accounts." 

    *Note: It may ask you to log in when you click this. If it does, just click "Cancel"

  4. Now click on "Repair"

  5. Now click "Next" then "Finish"
  6. That window will go away. Click "Close" on the two remaining windows, as well as the Control Panel.
  7. Now try to open Outlook again. You may get one of these two messages:
    If you do, just close Outlook and open it again.