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Corban Email Setup for Smartphones & Mobile Devices

Corban email works on a majority of devices. This article covers three widely used devices and/or platforms.


iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

(iOS 6)     (iOS 7/8/9)

Go to Settings

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Add Account...

(iOS 6)     (iOS 7/8/9)

Select Microsoft Exchange

(iOS 6)     (iOS 7/8/9)

Enter your Corban Email Address & Password

Select Next

Pick what components you would like to use by moving the slider to the right.

(iOS 6)     (iOS 7/8/9)

Save and you're done!

If you already have your Corban Email Account setup on your "iDevice" using "Exchange" and are unable to get your Corban Email, do the following:

  1. Delete your Corban Email Account from the Mail, Contacts, Calendars in Settings
  2. Setup your Corban Email Account using the above steps.


Android Phones & Mobile Devices

Go to Settings

Select Accounts & sync

Add Account

Select Exchange Active Sync

Enter your Corban Email Address & Password

Select Next and you should be done. 


Kindle Fire HD

Find and tap on the built-in email app


Enter your complete Corban email address, including "" Then tap "Next."


Add your password, then tap "Next."


Using Corban email on mobile devices requires advanced security features. Tap "OK." This will allow you to manage your mobile devices on the Outlook Web App, including remotely disabling the device.


Tap "Got to Inbox" to view your email.

Manual Entry

While setting up email is rather straightforward for most mobile devices, some devices may require you to enter the email settings manually. 

If you are unable to setup email using one of the methods above, locate the advanced settings on your device. Every device is different, so this may be called "Advanced Setup," "Advanced Settings," "Manual setup," etc.

Once you have entered advanced settings, manually enter the mail settings found on this page: Corban Email Settings


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