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Corban Central Login

Corban Central Login (CCL) allows you to log into multiple online services without having to re-enter your Corban username and password. Once logged in, as you visit additional online services you will not be prompted to login, but will be granted immediate access.

CCL conveniently limits the number of times you need to type your Corban username and password when accessing multiple Corban services. However, not all Corban services are currently set up to use CCL and will continue to prompt you to enter your username and password separately. For example, if you first log into Inside Corban, you can then access Converge and you will have automatic access without having to enter your username and password again, but if you then attempt to access web mail, you will be prompted for your username and password.

How do I log in?

Logging in is simple. All you need to do is click “Login” and then enter your Corban username and password. For more information on what is happening behind the scenes, keep reading.

When you first access a web service configured for CCL, you will be redirected to the CCL login page and prompted to log in. This establishes a session with the server that allows it to remember your identity. This is tied to both the current machine and specific web browser you are using to access CCL. Changing either your computer or browser will require you to log in again.

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the web service you originally accessed and can use it as normal. At this point, if you access another web service configured for CCL your browser will perform a quick check for your existing session and grant you immediate access accordingly.

The login server remembers your identity through the use of a small cookie stored by your web browser. This cookie is required for the central login process to operate correctly. If your browser is configured to disallow cookies, you will be unable to log into a CCL configured service.

How do I log out?

There are three ways you can end an existing central login session:

Use a logout link within a central login enabled service

This method will log you out of the current service you are in, and will also end your central login session. You may continue to use services you have already logged into, but attempting to access a new service will trigger another login prompt.

Close your browser

Fully exiting the browser will both log you out of all services you have connected to and end your central login session. This is a good option when you are on a public computer or borrowing someone else’s machine to ensure that you are logged out of everything.

Time delay

The system will automatically log you out of your current session 24 hours after you first signed in. This is designed to ensure that sessions are not inadvertently left open for too long. While this is not a process you can trigger manually, it is important to note as it may cause you to be logged out despite avoiding either option above.

Is it secure?

We have worked hard to make CCL a secure process for accessing multiple services. However, there are several things to keep in mind:

This requires you to be even more careful with your Corban account

Once signed in, anyone using your computer has potential access to all applicable Corban services using your account. If you are going to step away from your computer for any length of time, be sure to log out of CCL or lock your computer to prevent unauthorized access.

If you share a computer with another person, keep in mind whether or not you are logged into CCL. If you are logged in, use one of the logout options listed above to ensure you do not give others access to web services as yourself.

CCL cannot protect against problems on your computer

Many forms of malicious software contain keystroke loggers or other tools designed to capture sensitive information such as your Corban account credentials. You are responsible for the integrity of your Corban account by never sharing your password with anyone, running up-to-date anti-virus software, keeping current on updates for your operating system and installed software and using common sense when browsing the web or opening files. Corban Information Services personnel will never ask for your account password or other personal details via email or phone.