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Editing Text

Most places in Converge allow you to format text. This is done using the text editor, otherwise known as a WYSIWYG. This includes changing the font, aligning text, highlighting, incorporating videos, images and files, and a number of other options. This article describes each of the WYSIWYG buttons.


This is this the default view, and only shows the most common buttons used:


There are more options, however. Click the toggle button to expand.


This is the expanded view:

Each button of the WYSIWYG is described below. Some buttons include a brief description or a link to an another resource with more information.


Paragraph Format - This allows you to set text style to headings, paragraph, etc.


Formats text: Bold | Italics


Puts text into a list: Bullited | Numbered


Adds a hyperlink to text | removes hyperlink from text | prevents text from automatically becoming a link.


Insert: Image | Emoticon (smileys) | Media (audio or video) | Embedded Files


Undo | Redo


Formats text: Underline | Strikethrough | Subscript | Superscript


Align text: Left | Center | Right


Indent: Increase | Decrease


Format Text: Text Color | Highlight Color


Paragraph Direction: Left to Right | Right to Left. This allows you to change the direction of the text, for example for languages that read right to left


Fonts: Type | Size


Edit HTML code. Allows you to directly edit the HTML code. Use this, for example, to embed custom iframes or html tags not directly supported by the WYSIWYG.


Find Text | Find & Replace Text


Insert: Non-Breaking Space Character | Special Character | Table


Text Formatting: Cleanup Messy Code (reformats html code to be more readable - no noticeable difference unless viewing HTML code)| Remove text formatting | Paste as plain text (no formatting) | Paste from Microsoft Word (Word sometimes adds "extra" code that conflict with some web browsers. This removes the extra code when pasting)


Toggle fullscreen. This expands the editing window to the entire browser window. Click again to return to normal view: