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Grading Directly in Gradebook

In Converge, you may grade activities (assignments, quizzes, forums, etc.) directly, or you may grade them directly from Gradebook.

To grade from Gradebook:

  • From your course's main page, click on either the Grades link under the Administration menu. 

  • Locate the activity and student to be graded. Each box is unique, corresponding to a spefic student and activity. For courses with a larger number of students and/or activities, you may need to scroll down and/or to the right. If this is the case, periodically move the mouse over the grading area. Converge will display a box with activity and student information for wherever the mouse is located.


  • When you have found the correct box, click on it. The box will widen, showing two more boxes within. Enter points in the left box. You may also provide feedback in the dashed box on the right.
  • To save the grade, simply click on another box. The graded box will change temporarily color to indidate the grade has been saved. There is no "save" button.


  • When you return to the Gradebook later, the entry will no longer have a different color.


*Note: If you added a Grade Item when initially setting up Gradebook, this is only way to grade the assignment.