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Creating VoiceThread Presentations

VoiceThread can be used for online presentations. Students can view and comment on a presentation, but are unable to create their own VoiceThreads from it.

Here's how to create a VoiceThread presentation

  • From your course's main page, click on the pencil icon to turn on editing.
  • Click "Add an activity or resource"
  • Choose the “External Tool” activityExternal tool
  • Name the Assignment.
  • For “External tool type,” choose "VoiceThread"
  • Click on Save and Display at the bottom.


  • The VoiceThread interface appears.
  • Chooise "Individual VT." This will open VoiceThread in a new tab
  • Click "Create new VoiceThread at the top.
  • To record a video of yourself, click "Add Media," then choose “Webcam Video” (See below for PowerPoint presentations)
  • In the screen that appears, choose “video.” You may see an additional box asking to allow or deny access to your webcam. If this box appears, choose “Allow.”
  • VoiceThread will then countdown from 3. When the countdown ends, you will appear and VoiceThread starts recording.
  • Click the red stop button to finish recording. VoiceThread will play back your recording. If you like it, click Save.
  • Click “Share”
  • Find your class on the list, then click the blue Share button
  • On your browser, go back to the last tab with Converge
  • Click "refresh list" in the upper left corner of the VoiceThread window
  • Your new VoiceThread recording will appear. Select it, then click "Share with Class"



PowerPoint Presentations

  • For uploading a PowerPoint presentation, drag the PowerPoint file to the VoiceThread window. The target area will turn blue.

  • Wait a moment for your presentation to finish uploading. Then click on Comment.
  • The first slide in your presentation will appear. You can comment by recording audio or video of yourself, typing, or having VoiceThread call your phone. *If you use audio or video, you may advance the slides while making comments. You can also “write” on the slides ask you record.
  • After you have finished recording, VT will automatically play back your audio and/or video. If the recording is acceptable, click "Save."
  • Click the X in the upper right corner of the VoiceThread window. 


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