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Adding Teacher's Aids


The designated Teacher of a course has the ability to allow another person the role of a Teacher's Aid or Non-Editing Teacher. These roles can be given to anyone in Converge (students, other teachers, etc.)

*Note: individuals added using this method are not officially part of a course. No record of their participation will exist outside of Converge.


What's the difference?

A Teacher's Aid has almost all the same abilities as a Teacher in a course, but is unable to enroll others into a course

A Non-editing Teacher can teach in courses and grade students, but may not create or change activities


How to do it

  • Start at the course main page. Under Course Administration, click on Users (A), then Enrolled Users (B).


  • Click on Enrolled Users and a box will pop up.
  • "Assign roles," choose the role you want to give
  • Search for the students name at the bottom of the pop-up window
  • Click "Enroll" next to the person you want to add


  • When you are done adding the Teacher's Aid, click "Finish enrolling users" at the bottom.