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Faculty in Converge have the ability to view reports in a course. There are two types:


Course Reports

These reports show different types of activity in a course. To access reports, first log into one of your courses. Then, under Administration block, click on "Reports"


You will see a number of options:

  • Logs
  • Live Logs
  • Activity report
  • Course participation
  • Statistics



Logs allow you to see the fine details of a student's activity in a course. This includes whether a student has viewed a spcefic assignment or activity, submission status, etc. This enables you to view and filter student activity based on a number of factors. 

Select options for Student, Day(s), Assignments or activities, and specific types of activity.

Once you have chosen your options, clicking "Get these logs" will show the activity detail


Live Logs

Live logs is similar to the Logs report, but gives quick overall detail for current activity in a course for all students


Activity Report

The Activity Report shows the number of views for every activity and resource in the course. Clicking on any item will take you to that page in the course. 


Course Participation Report

This report shows participation for any specific activity. For example, this report can display which students have not submitted a particular assignment. This can be particularly helpful as the report allows you to send a reminder message to those students.


This report will display a graph of activity in a course for a specified time period. You can view detailed logs below the graph as well.


Student Activity Reports

A number student specific reports are available. To view these reports, start at the course main page. On the block, click on "Participants"

Click on a student's name, then under Administration, click Activity reports. This will show the different types of reports.

Today's Logs

This report will show a graph and details for the current day's activity. You may click on links in the details to see specifically what the student was working on.

All logs

This report will show a graph and details for the all activity from the start of the course. You may click on links in the details to see specifically what the student was working on.

Outline Report

An Outline report shows an overview of the student's participation. Click on any activity or resource to view details.

Complete Report

The complete report is a comprehensive report. It shows all the student's activity for every activity and resource in a course, including all details. Any feedback and/or grading you have provided will also be displayed.


This report will show a graph with student activity since the beginning of the course


This shows the student's current grades in the course, including overall grade and specific assignment and activity grades. This is the same as the User Report in Gradebook.