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Adding Images

Sometimes you may find you want to add images to text in a forum, assignment, etc.

This article covers three methods:

  1. Easy Method
  2. Uploading
  3. Link Directly to Online Sources

Easy Method

The simplest method is to simply drag the image file from your computer to the Attachment box located below a text area.

*Note: Using this method will always add the image below your text.



Click on the “Insert image” icon. This opens up a window that allows you to add an image.

Click on “Browse Repositories” Then choose your computer or a cloud storage location on the left.

Locate your image and upload or import it. Add a description if desired (optional).

Use the Image property tab to change the size, align it, and/or add a border.

Click Save image to add the image.


*Note: This method also allows you to upload directly from Android & Apple phones and tablets. Choose "Upload a file" and tap the Choose File button to upload from your device. You can also take a a picture and upload that as well.



Link Directly to Online Source

 Locate an image online

 Right click the image, and depending on the browser, choose:

Chrome - Copy image URL

FireFox - Copy Link Location

Internet Explorer – Properties, then copy the text next to “Address (URL)”

Safari – Copy Image Address

In Converge, click on the “Insert Image” icon

4.       Paste the URL into the “Enter URL” box.

5.       Use the Image property tab to change the size, align it, and/or add a border

7. Either A or B must be completed before an image can be saved. 

7.       Click Save changes to add the image.