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Embedding Video

Converge allows you to embed video anywhere you can find the WYSIWYG

There are a couple of ways to embed video in Converge:

Search YouTube directly from Converge using the "Media" icon

Use this method if you would like to search for a video directly from Converge.

1. Select an area where you want to embed the video. Then click the Insert Moodle Media icon:

2. In the window that appears, copy and paste your URL or type it in.



3. After you have completed "Source URL" and 'Enter Name", click "Insert media". 

4. After you have inserted your media, the text will appear. The video will be embedded after you click save changesat the bottom of the screen.


Once you save your entry, the video will appear embedded.

Add a hyperlink for a video to any text

Use this method if you have already located a video that you would like to embed. 

Note: This method also works for podcasts if you have a direct link to the podcast.

1. Locate the video you would like to include. Highlight and copy the URL for the video.

3. Click the link icon in the red circle after you have highlighted your text. 

4. A text box called "create link" will appear. Step A- Copy and paste URL. Step B- Click create link. 

5. After you have clicked "create link", this is how the screen will appear. The text you previously highlighted is now a link. Now click save at the bottom of the screen.

6. After you have clicked save, your highlighted text is replaced with the video you linked.