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Getting Started

Converge, Corban's online learning system, is where your online classroom(s) will be located. Converge is accessed at You can also find the link to Converge on Corban’s Inside page

You will be prompted to log in using your Corban account credentials. See the network guide for more information on your Corban account.

On the main page of Converge you will see the headings for: "Dashboard", "Site home", "Calendar", "Private files", and "My courses".


On your Dashboard you will see a list of your courses for the current term. This is also where you may find special resources depending on your program.  Some professors will make the course available several weeks before it begins, while others will wait until a day or two before the class starts. So, you may not see all of your courses every time you log in.  Some courses may even disappear and then reappear just before the class begins. By clicking on the class name or program, you will be taken to a new page. Each week of the class will be listed separately with assignments, additional documents, and forums. 

A link to grades is located on the left hand side of your course page. 



At the top right hand corner, you will see a circle icon that enables you to update your profile.  Update your profile to tell your classmates a bit more about yourself and upload a photo.

Most students spend a lot of time on Converge throughout their education journey at Corban so take some time to explore and make yourself feel at home.